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Keeping Your Children Safe Online

When it comes to the internet and children, there is a lot that can go wrong. More and more children are using computers and the internet each day and it is important for parents to keep them safe online. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing various tips to keep your children safe while being online. Have questions? Need help protecting your children and computer? We would be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.

Get Involved

While many parents are involved in their child’s daily activities, we often find that they neglect to do so online. You should be visiting the places your child does online to verify the content they are being subjected to is appropriate.

Make Rules

For many families, rules are an important part of life, and online should be no different. We recommend making rules revolving around internet use, such as when your child can be online, how long they can spend online, and which websites are OK to visit.

Educate Them About Privacy

Many parents teach children about strangers and staying safe but neglect to do so about the internet. You should educate your child about the risks of sharing personal information online, such as their name, address, school or even pictures. Teaching them about not meeting friends from online is also very important.

Pick A Location

Locating your computer in a central location can be extremely helpful for monitoring your children and keeping them safe online. We recommend an area that is highly trafficked so that you don’t have to go out of your way to monitor your child, it can also help deter them from visiting sites they shouldn’t be.

Contact Our Richfield Computer Repair Shop Today

Need help keeping your child safe online? Want to set up monitoring software? Block certain kinds of websites? We can help with any of your computer needs, simply reach out to our computer repair shop in Richfield today.


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