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Twin Cities Computer Screen Repair


A cracked or shattered screen can be a frustrating and unsightly issue that hampers the usability and aesthetics of your device. Whether it's a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, broken screens detract from the user experience and compromise functionality. At our computer repair shop nearby, we specialize in broken screen repair, offering professional solutions to restore visual clarity and functionality to your devices. Reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule your appointment for broken computer screen repair in Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Common Causes of Computer Screen Damage

Accidental Drops: Accidental drops are one of the most common causes of screen damage. Even a seemingly minor fall can result in cracks, fractures, or shatters, rendering the screen unusable.


Impact and Pressure: Excessive pressure or impact on the screen, such as sitting or stepping on the device, can cause irreparable damage to the screen. Pressure points or cracks may appear, compromising the integrity of the display.


Liquid Damage: Exposure to liquids, such as water or other fluids, can seep into the device and damage the screen components. Liquid damage can result in display abnormalities, discoloration, or complete screen failure.


Manufacturing Defects: In some cases, manufacturing defects or weaknesses in screen materials may lead to premature screen damage or susceptibility to cracks and fractures.


About Our Broken Screen Repair Services

Comprehensive Diagnosis: Our skilled technicians begin by conducting a thorough diagnosis of your device to assess the extent of screen damage and identify any underlying issues. We examine the screen, frame, and internal components to determine the best course of action for repair.


Professional Screen Replacement: Depending on the severity of the damage, we offer professional screen replacement services using high-quality replacement parts and components. We use genuine manufacturer parts or high-quality third-party alternatives to ensure compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance.


Quality Assurance and Testing: Before returning your device to you, we perform rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures to ensure that the repaired screen meets our strict standards of quality and performance. We test for visual clarity, touch sensitivity, responsiveness, and overall functionality to guarantee a seamless user experience.


Benefits of Our Broken Computer Screen Repair Services

Restored Visual Clarity: A repaired screen restores visual clarity and eliminates distracting cracks, fractures, or shattered glass, enhancing the aesthetics and usability of your device.


Improved Functionality: A properly functioning screen allows you to interact with your device effortlessly, whether it's browsing the web, watching videos, or accessing apps and features.


Preservation of Device Value: Repairing a broken screen helps preserve the value and longevity of your device. By addressing screen damage promptly, you can prevent further deterioration and extend the lifespan of your device.


Cost-Effective Solution: Broken screen repair is often a more cost-effective solution than purchasing a new device. Our professional repair services offer a cost-efficient way to restore your device to optimal condition without breaking the bank.

Schedule Broken Computer Screen Repair In The Twin Cities Area Today

Don't let a broken screen hinder your device experience. Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule Twin Cities broken computer screen repair services and restore visual clarity, functionality, and usability to your devices.

In Shop / Carry In Service

Desktop, laptop, PC or Mac -- $59 diagnostic fee goes towards repair

$189/hour (2 hour max)

  • Diagnostic fee is applied toward the repair cost

  • Labor is capped at 2 hours

  • Same-day diagnosis and fast turnaround

  • Hardware or software repairs are done in our shop

  • Can be helpful for diagnosing and addressing a range of problems including viruses, malware, blue screens, freeze-ups, slowness, overheating, noise, and more

Data File Recovery

Carry-In service. Get your photos, files and music back -- $59 diagnostic fee goes towards recovery fee

$189/hour (2 hour max)

  • Diagnostic fee is applied toward the repair cost

  • Labor is capped at 2 hours

  • Damaged or non-responsive hard drives, external or internal

  • Damaged or non-responsive USB sticks, Flash drives

  • Thumb Drives, Camera Cards, Flashcards

  • Backups and restores, Lost or deleted files

On-Site or Remote Service -- Your Own Personal Tech

Work is done at your location or remotely

$189/hour + parts

  • Networking Wired and wireless

  • Computer setups

  • On-site diagnostics

  • Treat yourself to a “show me how” session

  • Work is done at your location or remotely via the internet

  • Click for Service Coverage Area Map

We Service The Entire Twin Cities Metro Area

Saint Paul
Brooklyn Park
Maple Grove
Coon Rapids

Eden Prairie
St. Louis Park
Prior Lake
White Bear Lake
Cottage Grove

Inver Grove Heights
Brooklyn Center
Golden Valley

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