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Twin Cities MacBook Screen Replacement


Is your MacBook screen cracked, damaged, or malfunctioning? Don't let a damaged screen hinder your productivity or enjoyment of your device. At our computer repair shop near you, we specialize in MacBook screen replacement, providing expert solutions to restore clarity, functionality, and visual appeal to your MacBook. Interested in a free repair estimate? Ready to schedule your Macbook screen replacement in the Twin Cities, MN area? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to get started.


Signs You Need MacBook Screen Replacement

Cracks or Physical Damage: If your MacBook screen has visible cracks, shattered glass, or physical damage, it's a clear indication that a replacement is necessary. Cracks not only detract from the aesthetics of your device but can also compromise its structural integrity.


Dead Pixels or Display Issues: Dead pixels, backlight bleed, color distortion, or other display anomalies can indicate underlying issues with your MacBook screen. These issues can be disruptive and impact your user experience, necessitating a screen replacement.


Flickering or No Display: If your MacBook screen flickers, goes blank intermittently, or fails to display anything at all, it may be due to a faulty screen or connection issues. In such cases, a screen replacement may be required to resolve the issue.


Liquid Damage: Spills or exposure to liquid can cause irreparable damage to your MacBook screen. If you've experienced liquid damage and notice abnormalities in the display, it's essential to seek professional assistance for screen replacement.


Why Choose Our Professional Screen Replacement Services?

Quality Components: We use high-quality replacement screens that meet or exceed Apple's stringent standards for clarity, color accuracy, and durability. Our replacement screens ensure optimal viewing experiences and seamless integration with your MacBook.


Skilled Technicians: Our team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in MacBook repairs and screen replacements. They possess the expertise and precision to safely and effectively replace your MacBook screen, minimizing the risk of damage to other components.


Thorough Diagnosis: Before proceeding with a screen replacement, we conduct a thorough diagnosis of your MacBook to identify the root cause of the screen issues. This allows us to address any underlying issues and ensure that your MacBook functions flawlessly after the replacement.


Benefits of Our MacBook Screen Replacement

Restored Visual Clarity: A new MacBook screen restores visual clarity, color accuracy, and brightness, enhancing your overall viewing experience and productivity.


Improved Aesthetics: Cracked or damaged screens detract from the aesthetics of your MacBook. A replacement screen restores the sleek and elegant appearance of your device, ensuring it looks as good as new.


Enhanced Productivity: A functional screen is essential for productivity and workflow efficiency. With a replacement screen, you can work, create, and enjoy multimedia content without interruptions or distractions.


Preservation of Resale Value: A well-maintained MacBook with a pristine screen commands higher resale value. By investing in screen replacement, you not only restore functionality but also protect the investment value of your device.


Schedule MacBook Screen Replacement in Twin Cities, MN Today

Don't let a damaged screen compromise your MacBook experience. Invest in our Twin Cities MacBook screen replacement services and enjoy restored clarity, functionality, and visual appeal. Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule your screen replacement and rediscover the joy of using your MacBook.

In Shop / Carry In Service

Desktop, laptop, PC or Mac -- $59 diagnostic fee goes towards repair

$189/hour (2 hour max)

  • Diagnostic fee is applied toward the repair cost

  • Labor is capped at 2 hours

  • Same-day diagnosis and fast turnaround

  • Hardware or software repairs are done in our shop

  • Can be helpful for diagnosing and addressing a range of problems including viruses, malware, blue screens, freeze-ups, slowness, overheating, noise, and more

Data File Recovery

Carry-In service. Get your photos, files and music back -- $59 diagnostic fee goes towards recovery fee

$189/hour (2 hour max)

  • Diagnostic fee is applied toward the repair cost

  • Labor is capped at 2 hours

  • Damaged or non-responsive hard drives, external or internal

  • Damaged or non-responsive USB sticks, Flash drives

  • Thumb Drives, Camera Cards, Flashcards

  • Backups and restores, Lost or deleted files

On-Site or Remote Service -- Your Own Personal Tech

Work is done at your location or remotely

$189/hour + parts

  • Networking Wired and wireless

  • Computer setups

  • On-site diagnostics

  • Treat yourself to a “show me how” session

  • Work is done at your location or remotely via the internet

  • Click for Service Coverage Area Map

We Service The Entire Twin Cities Metro Area

Saint Paul
Brooklyn Park
Maple Grove
Coon Rapids

Eden Prairie
St. Louis Park
Prior Lake
White Bear Lake
Cottage Grove

Inver Grove Heights
Brooklyn Center
Golden Valley

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