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Chipheads guarantees we will work with you until we get your problems solved. We want you to be happy and come back again. Therefore, we install all parts and perform all repairs according to industry standards and accepted procedures and warranty our work (except as noted below) against defects and omissions for 90 days from the date you are notified the computer is ready to be picked up. Please call right away should you have any questions regarding your service or if problems should recur. We do our best to address all problems apparent at the time of service and never let you pick up your computer unless we feel it is absolutely ready to go. If we do miss something, for whatever reason, we will be happy to remedy the situation according to our policies listed below.

On-site Service
We warranty our onsite service (except as noted below) for 90 days against defects but we do not offer any warranty for more than the initial time billed for the service call in question. For example, if we spent one hour onsite to troubleshoot a problem, and spent an additional two hours to solve the issue in a warranty situation, the customer will be credited for the initial hour only.

Our Guarantee Covers The Following:
Any problems you have asked us to fix work consistently and repeatedly in our shop or in your home or place of business during an onsite service call. If we install Windows it has been installed according to industry standards and all available updates and patches have been loaded. All disk drives, modems, video cards and internal components are installed, working, and connected correctly. If we clean a virus infection, the computer is free from viruses when it leaves our shop.

We can only warranty things we have control over. Our guarantee does NOT cover the following:
-Microsoft Windows or any software package to be bug-free or crash-proof. -virus re-infections -effectiveness of antivirus, anti-spyware or any security software -stability of internet, ethernet or other network or wi-fi connections. -any peripheral we don’t install, including printers -software not installed by Chipheads -hardware not purchased at Chipheads -any non-standard user settings or overclocking of hardware -systems that have not been picked up within the warranty period -problems we have not been notified of within the warranty period Chipheads offers LOW rates for software and hardware installations. Save yourself the headaches…. LET US DO IT! Normal turnaround times apply for systems returned more than 2 weeks after pickup!

Warranty On Repair Or Replacement Parts
We service all brands of computers, old and new. Often original equipment manufacturers or other parts vendors do not offer “new” parts for sale, but only refurbished or used parts. Some repair parts may be hard to locate and may only be available from one vendor. To protect you, unless otherwise represented to you in writing, we offer a 90 day warranty on all replacement and repair parts that begins the date you are notified the repairs are completed. Special order, used or limited availability parts may have a shorter warranty or may come with none at all. We offer no guarantee or warranty on the time it will take to have a parts warranty serviced by the vendor.


Chipheads “You’ll be Delighted” Guarantee

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