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Twin Cities Battery, Charger & Power Jack Repair?

Tried to turn your desktop or laptop computer on and it just won’t start? Is your computer intermittently charging? Think your charger may be broken? Notice your Power Jack appears to be damaged? Battery or charger smell like burnt plastic? When it comes to laptop and desktop computers, issues can arise with the power jack, charger or even battery! At Chipheads Computer Repair in Twin Cities, Minnesota, we would be happy to help with any of your power-related needs, simply schedule an appointment and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

Picture of Laptop in Richfield, Minnesota

Battery Repair Twin Cities

Like every battery, the batteries inside our laptops will eventually need to be replaced. We would be happy to determine the health of your laptop battery and let you know whether a new one may be required. Prior to ordering a new battery, we recommend making sure that is your problem. Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to diagnose your battery or any other issues. Simply schedule an appointment or drop by our computer repair shop in Richfield.

Twin Cities Computer Charger Repair

Computer only charging if you hold the charger a specific way? Can’t get your charger to work at all? Computer won’t turn on? Computer chargers are another thing that may need to be replaced depending upon how you care for it. Try not to damage your cord, expose any wires or damage any connections. We would be happy to test your computer charger for free to verify that is what needs to be replaced/repaired.

Power Jack Repair Twin Cities

Have you ever noticed that tiny pin where you plug in your laptop? It looks quite fragile, right? Well it is! We often see power jack issues that result from damage or neglect. We always recommend making sure pressure is not being placed near the power jack is it can cause issues with charging. In the event you have a power jack issue, we would be happy to repair it.

How Can Chipheads Computer Repair Help With My Battery, Charger, Charging Port, etc.? 

Chipheads Computer Repair proudly offers free computer repair estimates for chargers, batteries, charging ports and more. Simply reach out, let us know what is going on and we'll give you an estimate of cost to repair. We offer various ways to get your computer repaired also, you can visit our shop in Richfield, mail your device in or we can come to your location. We even offer small business IT support and can come to your business to help with your needs.

Schedule Power Jack, Charger or Battery Repair in Twin Cities, MN Today

Can’t get your laptop to turn on or charge? Need help quick? Schedule an appointment with Chipheads Computer Repair today! We're always happy to help those in need.


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