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Could My Computer Burn Down My House?

Did you know that each year computers are responsible for hundreds of fires? It may seem like such a common device would come without problems like this, however, any electronic device can potentially cause a fire. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing computer fires and how exactly you can reduce your risk of it happening to you. Think your computer may be at risk of catching fire? Want a professional to take a look? Have additional questions? For any of your needs, simply contact our Richfield computer repair shop.

What Causes Computer Fires & How Can I Prevent Them? When it comes to fires caused by computers, there are some common themes, which include:

  1. Wires, cables and cases are actually common causes of computer-related fires. It is recommended to have the electric wiring in your home inspected and maintained over time. We also recommend using heavy-duty extension cables and high-quality surge protectors.

  2. Dust buildup in desktop computers is another common cause of fires. The buildup of dust can actually drastically heat up the computer and the components inside due to it not properly ventilating. There are various computer cleaners that can be used to reduce dust buildup. If you are worried about doing it yourself, we’d be happy to ensure your device is dust-free.

  3. Laptop batteries also commonly catch fire when laptops are not used properly. Laptops have different areas where hot air is exchanged, when these areas are covered the heat can not properly escape, causing the components inside (including the battery) to reach much higher temperatures. Ultimately the battery can release gases and catch fire. We recommend using a vented laptop desk whenever using your device, this will allow proper airflow.

Visit Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota

Worried your computer may catch fire? Have another computer problem going on? Think you need to schedule an appointment with our Richfield computer repair shop? Contact us today to get started.


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