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Worried Your Hardware May Be Failing?

For most people, these days, having a functional computer is a must. We use them for school, work and even pleasure. For many people, when a problem pops up it can cause quite a crisis. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing some tips for checking your hardware and seeing if you are experiencing any problems. Got questions? Interested in scheduling computer repair services? Reach out to our computer repair shop near you today, we’re always happy to help with any of your needs.

If You Are Using Microsoft

When it comes to using a Microsoft computer running Windows 10, there are actually two diagnostic tools you can utilize, one is for system and the other is for memory tests. To access Performance Monitor, you can easily use the search bar. The Performance Monitor will open with various options on the left side menu. You can navigate to Reports, System, System Diagnostics, [Name of Your Computer]. Once there, you’ll see a detailed report of your hardware, software, CPU, network, disc and memory along with various statistics.

With Windows Memory Diagnostic, you need to press Windows key + R, once the run window is open you’ll need to type in mdsched.exe and press enter. You will be prompted to restart your device and then the test will run. Once the computer reboots you will see the results.

If You Are Using Mac

For those that are using Apple products, the process is a bit different. You’ll want to unplug anything from your device that is not a: mouse, keyboard, display, ethernet or power cord. Then restart your computer and immediately press and hold the D key. When a progress bar or language choice appears, release the key.

Once the process is completed, it will display the diagnostic results on the screen of your computer, including any reference codes for issues that may exist. Once you’ve finished writing down any codes, restart your computer again. You can then use these reference codes to determine what your issue may be.

Contact Our Richfield Computer Repair Shop Today

Have you run diagnostics? Figured out what your problem may be? Need professional computer repair services in Richfield? We would be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.


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