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Why Are Graphics Cards So Expensive?

If you are at all into computers or have been looking into getting a new one as of recent times, you have probably noticed the very large prices that come with parts such as graphics cards. But why exactly are graphics cards so expensive lately? If you are looking for graphics card installation in Richfield, or just interested in the subject, we at Chipheads would be happy to inform you.


As of right now, there is a global shortage of semiconductor chips, which affects a large range of products including graphics cards. It is unknown how long this shortage will last.


As everyone is well aware, we are currently in the midst of a pandemic which has affected the world greatly over the past year. Graphics cards are not considered to be essential goods, so their production has haltered slightly in the past months so other goods can be produced. The reduced production has caused the market to be crowded and therefore has caused the price of graphics cards to go up.


The demand for graphics cards have gone up in recent years, as many cryptocurrency miners have bought out a large amount of graphics cards, especially cheap ones. These miners are still in the market and will most likely remain there for a long time.

Schedule Graphics Card Installation in Richfield

If you are looking for Richfield computer repair, please consider reaching out to us at Chipheads computer repair. We’d be glad to help you with anything from a broken monitor, to, you guessed it, graphics card installation! Get in touch with us today for more info!

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