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What Was The First Computer Virus?

Chances are if you’ve used a computer, you’ve heard of a virus. If you are one of the very lucky few that have never been infected, congratulations! For everyone else who has unfortunately experienced the effects of viruses, malware and other problems, we’re sure you understand the impact it can have on a device. At Chipheads Computer Repair near Minneapolis, Minnesota, we offer virus removal near you and have vast experience in dealing with them. We’ve seen all kinds of viruses and would be happy to help with your situation. Today, we’re discussing the first “computer virus” that was made, known as Creeper or The Creeper Worm.

The Creeper Worm

The Creeper Worm was possibly one of the first programs to resemble a computer virus. Creeper ran on the Tenex operating system and spread through ARPANET (a predecessor of what we call the current Internet). When infected with Creeper systems began to display the message “I’M THE CREEPER : CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.”. Following Creeper, another version was created which was considered to be the first computer worm, with the capability of spreading and leaving copies of itself. Reaper, the first nematode which was a similar program was actually created to fight Creeper infections.

When ran, Creeper would initiate a file to print but then stop, find another Tenex system and establish a connection and the transfer to the new machine. Creeper rarely replicated, however, it jumped from system to system, impacting them.

Why Virus Removal in Minneapolis?

While Creeper may not have wreaked extreme havoc on computers, there are many viruses these days that do. An infected computer can be extremely risky for both personal and business use, putting anyone at risk for data theft and more. If you believe your device may be infected, we recommend virus removal in Minneapolis immediately.

Schedule Minneapolis Virus Removal Today

Interested in scheduling virus repair/removal in Minneapolis, MN? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today for your free quote and appointment. We’re always happy to help.


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