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Can’t Visit Our Twin Cities Computer Repair Shop?

Have new hardware or software you’d like installed? Computer acting funny lately? Running slow? Not sure if you may have malware? Laptop screen not working properly? Need Twin Cities computer repairs but don’t have the ability to visit our computer repair shop? No worries! At Chipheads Computer Repair we proudly offer drop-off, mail-in, onsite and even remote computer repair. Regardless of your needs, chances are we can assist you with them.

Our Other Computer Repair Options

Can’t bring your workstation into our repair shop? Don’t have time to sit and wait for your computer to be repaired? Wish someone could just come to your location? Maybe work on your device from somewhere else? Along with providing repair services at our shop, we also proudly offer onsite and remote computer repair. This allows you to receive computer repair services that are more tailored to your exact needs.

Onsite Computer Repair

Wishing someone could come to your home or office to provide computer repair services? With onsite computer repair you can get just that. One of our computer repair technicians will come directly to your location to work on your device. This can be a wonderful option for those interested in learning about their device or that are experiencing an issue that involves hardware.

Remote Computer Repair

Wishing someone could just work on your device from another location? With remote computer repair, our technicians can work on your device anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll connect with our repair technician remotely, allowing them to work on your device while you continue with your day-to-day activities. Remote computer repair is a wonderful option, however, for hardware or computer issues that require someone in-person, this will not work.

Schedule Onsite/Remote Computer Repair Today

Can’t make it into our Twin Cities computer repair shop? Not to worry! We’d be happy to provide remote or onsite computer repair services. Simply give us a call, let us know what you’ve got going on and we’ll determine the best solution for you and your device.


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