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Troubleshooting Common Computer Problems

When it comes to using computers, problems are unfortunately a common occurrence. For many this can be a big deal, however, today Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is providing troubleshooting tips for common computer problems we see at our store. Have additional questions? Think you need professional computer repair? We’d be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.

Computer Won’t Start

Has your computer started suddenly shutting off? Won’t turn on at all? This can be attributed to a failing power supply in most cases. We recommended making sure the computer is properly plugged into the power supply and turning it on. If this doesn’t work, test the plug with another working device to determine if there is adequate power supply.

Screen is Blank

Tried turning on your computer and the screen is blank? For desktop computers this can often be a connection problem between the screen and computer. Make sure that the monitor is properly plugged into a power supply and that the connection between the screen and computer is secure. If the problem is with a laptop, you will most likely need a computer repair shop near you to diagnose and correct the problem.

Windows Won’t Boot

Tried starting your computer and Windows won’t boot up? This can be common and typically requires the operating system to be completely re-installed. If you need help with this, we recommend a Richfield computer repair shop.

Device is Overheating

Does your device seem to be getting extremely hot? Is it running slowly? Sometimes computers lack sufficient cooling and can generate excess heat while in use. We recommend turning the device off to let it rest. You can also check to make sure the fan is properly running.

Contact Our Richfield Computer Repair Shop Today

Experiencing problems with your computer? Think you need a Richfield computer repair shop? We’d be happy to help, simply reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair today.


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