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The Worst Computer Viruses

Since we started using computers, viruses and other malware have been a constant problem. At Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, we see many customers with infected computers and luckily we can help. Today, we’re discussing some of the worst computer viruses ever. Have questions? Think your computer may be infected? We would be happy to answer your questions and help with any of your computer needs. Contact our computer repair shop near you today to get started.


ILOVEYOU was a computer virus that appeared as a “confession of love” to the recipient and was sent via email. Once the recipient clicked on the attachment, it would send itself to the users’ entire email list, overwrite files and result in the computer not being bootable. It spread to around 50,000,000 computers in just 10 days and resulted in government programs and large corporations completely shutting down their email systems.


The Melissa virus appeared as a list of passwords to “adult” websites and was sent as a Microsoft Word document. Once opened, the virus would send itself to the top 50 people in the users’ address book.

Code Red

Code Red was a worm that exploited a vulnerability in Windows 2000 and NT operating systems. It sent a string of random data, causing computers to overwrite with instructions from the virus. It resulted in computers crashing along with attacks on the White House website. It would then copy itself in an attempt to infect other devices.


Mydoom was a virus that became one of the fastest email worms to spread since ILOVEYOU. It appeared as an email transmission error and contained an attachment. Once clicked on, it would send itself to the users’ address book and infected around 2,000,000 devices.

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