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The Risks of Unsupported Operating Systems

Are you still using an outdated operating system such as Windows 10, Vista or even 8? Wondering what will happen when Windows 10 is unsupported? Curious as to the risk of using an unsupported operating system for your computer? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing these risks associated with an unsupported operating system. Have questions? Interested in upgrading your operating system? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help with any of your computer needs, simply reach out today.

Poor Performance

As new operating systems are released, there is typically a change in common hardware found in computers. For example, Windows XP requirements include 64MB of RAM, in comparison Windows 11 (the latest operating system) requires 4GB of RAM. As common hardware advances, many programs and functions tend to require more RAM to run as well, many of these newer programs will not run on unsupported operating systems or if they do, tend to run quite poorly.

Security Risks

If you’ve ever paid attention to the updates your computer receives, you’ll notice a lot of them have to do with security or fixing specific features that have been found to be problematic. When an operating system is unsupported these updates no longer occur, leaving problem features and security risks.

Program Support

Along with the specific operating system becoming unsupported, frequently used programs often tend to lose support when used on these older systems as well. This leads to you not being able to use the most recent features of the program. In some cases, programs become impossible to use on older systems.

Upgrade To Windows 11 in Richfield Today

Running into problems with your computer running an unsupported operating system? Wondering if it would be best to upgrade your computer or simply replace it altogether? Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield would be happy to help with any of your computer needs, reach out today to schedule an appointment.


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