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The New Features of Windows 11: Should You Upgrade?

It seems like it was very recent that Windows 10 debuted, however, it has actually been quite some time! Now, we’re seeing the release of Windows 11, a brand new operating system by Microsoft. Windows 11 continues to add new features, improving the interface, improving integrations, etc. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, MN is discussing these new Windows 11 features. Wondering if you should upgrade? Continue following along!

Mac-Like Interface

Are you a big fan of Apple’s typical interface? Then you’ll most likely love the new Windows 11 look. It features a centered Start Menu, rounded corners, pastel colors and that overall look that Mac OSX is well known for.

Android App Integration

Have you been dreaming of using Android apps on your computer? With Windows 11 it is easier than ever. Through the Amazon App Store which will be accessible from the Microsoft store.


Although Widgets have been a thing since Windows Vista, they are improved in Windows 11, allowing you to easily access them from the taskbar and personalize them based upon your needs.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Do you frequently use Microsoft Teams? With Windows 11 it will be easier than ever, accessible right from the TaskBar, it will not operate similar to Apple’s FaceTime.

Better Gaming

Auto HDR and DirectStorage, features from Xbox gaming systems will also be making their way to Windows 11, improving the overall gaming experience on the new operating system.

Improved Virtual Desktops

Wishing there was an easier way to use Virtual Desktops like with Apple’s operating system? With Windows 11 you can easily toggle through multiple desktops for work, business, personal use or even gaming.

Schedule Windows 11 Upgrade in Richfield Today

Interested in upgrading to Windows 11? Want to make sure it goes smoothly? Contact our Richfield computer repair shop today, we’d be happy to help with any of your computer needs.


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