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The Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 11

It seems like just yesterday Windows 10 was released, however, it has actually been almost 7 years! That’s right, Windows 10 officially launched July 29, 2015! On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 was released and we’ve been evaluating the new operating system to determine some of the benefits and a few of the cons of upgrading your computer to Windows 11. Have questions about upgrading your computer’s operating system? Think you may need Richfield computer repair services? For any of your needs, simply contact Chipheads Computer Repair, we’d be happy to help.

Windows 11 Upgrade Benefits

When it comes to upgrading your operating system, there are USUALLY quite a few benefits to look forward to (unless it is Windows Millennium Edition…) when the upgrade is complete. With Windows 11 we’ve noticed a more consistent, cohesive and beautiful design (that may slightly resemble another popular operating system). There are new layout options, allowing you to have more customization over your experience. The operating system also has a few updates that should help those that are interested in gaming along with other performance-enhancing features. Additionally, Windows 11 can now run Android apps, allowing you to enjoy apps across more devices.

The Downsides of Windows 11

Although there are plenty of benefits to upgrading to Windows 11, we do want to take the time to mention some of the flaws we noticed. For those with older computers, it may not be a wise choice, a more recent CPU is required. The new look/interface certainly takes getting used to as well as it is quite different than what most are used to. Some tools such as Action Center, Tablet Gestures and even Timeline are also gone.

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Ready to upgrade to Windows 11? Contact our computer repair shop in Richfield, Minnesota today. We’d be happy to discuss your upgrade options and see if you may require assistance or if we can simply help you via the phone.


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