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Signs Your Graphics Card Has Problems

Are you one of the many computer users that plays a lot of games? Been experiencing some strange issues and are wondering if it may be due to your graphics card? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing the various signs your graphics card may be experiencing issues or dying. Have additional questions about your graphics card or other hardware? Interested in scheduling computer repair services? For any of your needs, simply reach out to our computer repair shop nearby.

Loud Fan Noises

Have you recently started hearing louder fan noises coming from your desktop or laptop computer? The fan on your graphics card can actually malfunction, leading to some loud fan noises coming from the computer. When the fan can’t work properly, it can result in overheating and damage to your graphics card and other hardware components.


When your graphics card starts to experience problems, stuttering on the screen can be common. This can look like the entire screen or even parts of the screen are freezing. This can also happen with other hardware problems, we recommend having a professional take a look at your device and hardware to determine if it is in fact the graphics card causing problems.

Blue Screens

Are you experiencing blue screens? Especially when doing things such as watching videos or playing games? This can often be indicative that your graphics card may be on its way out. In some situations, these blue screens will show certain error codes which can be used to determine the exact cause.

Screen Glitches

Along with stuttering/freezing, screen glitches can also be common when a graphics card is experiencing problems or dying. This can resemble weird colors on the screen while watching movies or gaming along with “tearing”.

Schedule Richfield Computer Repair Today

Think you may be experiencing issues with your graphics card or other software? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule computer repair services in Richfield, MN. We’d be happy to get you added to our schedule.


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