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Should You Be Using Google Docs Editors Suite?

Are you tired of paying to use Microsoft Office? Keep losing your important files despite the fact Microsoft Office claims to autosave them? You should try Google Docs Editors Suite, a free office suite offered by Google. Pretty much anything that you can do with Microsoft Office can be done with this free platform. Have questions? Not sure how to import your current Microsoft Office files? Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota would be happy to help. Schedule your appointment with us today.

About Google Docs Editors Suite The Google Docs Editors Suite is a web-based office suite similar to Microsoft Office that is offered by Google as part of the Google Drive service. Within the suite is Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites and Google Keep. The suite is available for free for anyone with a personal Google account. It can be accessed via a web browser or using apps for Android, iOS or Google’s Chrome OS. The free office suite is also part of Google Workspace, a paid, business-centered service. Since it was created, real-time collaboration/editing has been a thing, which was later implemented by Microsoft 7 years later. The suite can be used to open and create Microsoft Office file types. What About Google Docs Offline? Don’t have an internet connection but need to use Google Docs Editors Suite? No problem! With the Google Docs Offline extension for Chrome you can access any of your files without access to the internet. Once you connect, any changes will automatically sync.

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