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Online Games For Family & Friends

With the pandemic still raging on, many people are limited to seeing their family and friends, making life quite lonely these days. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing online games for friends and family that you can play from smartphones, computers and even some consoles. Got questions? Having issues with your computer? We’d be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.


Catan also known as Settlers of Catan is originally a tabletop game, however, a digital version now exists for smartphones, tablets, internet browsers and even the Nintendo Switch.


A classic, Scrabble now has a digital version which can be played with family and friends. This online version of scrabble is available on mobile phones, tablets, PC and all major gaming consoles.


As one of the most popular board games in history, it is no surprise there is an online version you can play with friends and family. There is an app available for Android and iOS devices, you can also purchase Monopoly plus for a gaming console.


Another very popular tabletop game, Uno has a free app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. You can play with teams or in a tournament, a “fun room: can also be setup so only you and who you choose can play.

Mario Kart Tour

An extremely popular game for Nintendo Consoles has now arrived on iOS and Android devices. Mario Kart Tour was released in 2019 with multiplayer coming in 2020, allowing you to race with up to 7 people of your choosing.

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