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Is My Computer Infected With Viruses/Malware?

Has your computer started acting strange lately? Wondering if it may be infected with viruses or other malware? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing various signs that your computer may in fact be infected. Have additional questions about viruses or malware? Interested in scheduling your appointment for virus/malware removal? Feel free to reach out, we’re always happy to help our community.

Slow Computer Performance

Is your computer taking far longer to start than usual? Running slowly in general? Programs taking forever to open? Computer won’t shut down quickly? When your computer starts running slowly, this can often be a sign that it has been infected with malware. We recommend running your virus software to see if anything is found, if it is still running slowly after this, we would be happy to take a look and diagnose/address the problem.

System Crashes/Error Messages

Has your computer started randomly shutting down or crashing? Are you receiving strange errors or blue screens? When a system becomes infected, it can start wreaking havoc on the whole system. Frequent crashes can be common, typically these crashes will occur with some sort of error message or the infamous “blue screen”. We can properly diagnose your problem and get your computer back in working order.

Browser Redirects

Has your browser started redirecting you to random websites you aren’t trying to visit? Do these websites appear to be shady? Pop-ups telling you your computer is infected? These pop-ups and redirects are quite common once a system has been infected. Running virus and/or malware software can often address the problem, if not, we’d be happy to take a look and provide malware repair in Richfield.

Schedule Malware/Virus Removal in Richfield Today

Experiencing any of the above issues? Something else making you think your device is infected? We would be happy to help, reach out today to schedule Richfield virus/malware removal. Chipheads Computer Repair is always happy to help.


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