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Is It Time To Replace My Computer?

Has your laptop or desktop computer started experiencing problems? Have you been told it will be expensive to repair? Is your device running slowly? Have an operating system that is no longer supported? When it comes to computers, they typically last around 3-5 years depending upon hardware and the ability to upgrade different components of the device. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield will be discussing various signs that it is time to replace your computer. Wanting your computer inspected? Have questions about your current device or a possible new one? Reach out for any of your computer needs, we’d be happy to help.

It Is Expensive To Repair

If your computer has started to experience problems and you have taken it in for repairs, only to find out it is going to cost hundreds of dollars, it may be a better choice to replace the entire device. There are many devices available for a few hundred dollars that work quite well, although functionality may be a bit limited. More expensive devices typically last a bit longer and can handle tasks better.

Computer Runs Slowly

Is your computer taking forever to start or even shut down? Are programs running extremely slowly? Unable to open multiple programs or tabs without lag? As software is updated, it can be harder for older hardware to properly run, resulting in a computer that runs far more slowly than it used to. In some cases, RAM and hard drive can be upgraded to improve speed. If you are wondering whether you should upgrade hardware or replace your computer completely, feel free to reach out.

Operating System Is No Longer Supported

Are you using an older version of Mac OSX or Windows? This can actually put your computer at risk when an operating system is no longer supported, security is no longer updated, making it easier for your computer to be infected or even hacked.

Contact Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield Today

Wondering if your computer can be repaired or needs to be replaced? Our Richfield computer repair shop would be happy to help, schedule an appointment today and we’d be happy to help you determine the best decision.


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