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How To Spot Phishing Emails

Have you received an email you perceive to be strange? Is someone requesting personal information you don’t feel comfortable providing? Has your bank sent you an email about a problem? Receiving a strange email from a coworker? Wondering if the email you are receiving may be a phishing scam? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing various signs that can help you spot a phishing email. Got questions? Think your computer may be infected? Contact our computer repair shop near you today, we’d be happy to help.

Poorly Written

Have you received an email with grammatical or spelling errors? Does it seem like broken English? Chances are, if an email is written poorly and doesn’t quite make sense, something phishy is going on. We recommend ignoring the email and reporting it as spam/phishing.

Personal Information

Is a random email asking you to provide personal things such as bank information or even login credentials? Banks and websites won’t send you emails such as these and they are more often than not a phishing attempt. We recommend reporting the email and ignoring it.

Suspicious Attachments

Are there weird attachments attached to the email you just received? Not sure what it may be? We recommend not downloading/opening any attachments you have not requested from an email. These attachments could be used to infect your device.

Web & Email Addresses

Phishing emails often try to imitate more legitimate companies in an attempt to get you to open an email. Be sure to look at the email address it is coming from and ensure it is an exact match, they will often use very similar domains. Links should also be verified before clicking them, make sure they appear to be a legitimate website.

Contact Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota Today

Are you worried you opened a phishing email? Think your device may be infected with malware or viruses? Need professional computer repair in Richfield? We would be happy to help with any of your needs/questions. Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule your appointment.


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