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How Can I Tell Computer Hardware Is Failing?

Having some problems with your computer? Not sure if it is hardware-related, software-related, or just user error? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing some ways you can tell if the hardware is failing in your device and in some cases, exactly what hardware that may be. If you need additional help or would like us to do a hardware assessment for you, just reach out. We’re always happy to help with any of your computer repair needs.

Read Those Blue Error Messages

A lot of times when people get a “blue death screen” as they are often called, they just restart the computer and hope for the best. It may be worth your while however to look up the error and see exactly what it means. Often times these error messages can sign to a driver and/or hardware problem and give you a specific code to tell you what that error may be.

Test Memory/RAM

Most computers have a “memory diagnostic” of some sort that you can find by searching on your device. These tests can tell you whether or not the RAM in your computer is functioning properly. When RAM has failures, it can cause a variety of issues, some of which may be less obvious than others. If RAM seems to be the issue, it is pretty easy to replace in most cases.

Use Performance Monitor

If you use a Microsoft device, you should have Performance Monitor on your computer. This can help monitor the performance of your entire device along with different components. Often times as hardware begins to fail, performance can be impacted which you may notice while monitoring performance.

Contact Our Computer Repair Shop in Richfield Today

Checked things out and think you may need help replacing failing hardware? Have another computer problem going on? Think you may need Twin Cities computer repair services? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help. Reach out today.


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