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How Can Chipheads Computer Repair in the Twin Cities Help?

When it comes to using computers, there are a variety of problems that can arise. Hardware, software and even user error can lead to some pretty strange issues. At Chipheads Computer Repair in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, we are proud to offer a wide range of computer repair services for any of your needs. Whether the motherboard in your desktop needs to be replaced, your laptop screen has been damaged, you need your important data backed up, you’ve lost files you need or even infected your computer with malware, our computer repair experts are always happy to help. We offer onsite, remote, mail-in and even drop off computer services, even if you don’t have time to make it down to our shop, we can help with your needs.

Computer Repair

Need new RAM installed? Desktop computer overheating? Have new hardware you need put in your computer? Interested in upgrading to the latest operating system? Regardless of your computer repair needs, we’d be happy to help. Simply reach out for a quote and appointment.

Laptop Screen Repair

Notice lines across your screen? Laptop screen displaying weird glitches? Screen won’t turn on at all? Just because your laptop screen is broken doesn’t mean you need a new one, we’d be happy to diagnose your laptop screen issue and get it back in working order.

Data Backup/File Recovery

The documents, files and even programs on our devices can be quite important. Backing it up should be as well. Chipheads Computer Repair can help you with your data backup needs and even help you recover lost files in some instances.


Can’t get your wireless router to work properly? Need to add a printer to your business network but can’t figure it out? Want to make sure your business network is setup properly? For any of your networking needs, we would be more than happy to help!

Malware Removal

Computer acting funny after you visited a website or downloaded a file? Worried your device may be infected? For any of your malware/virus needs, simply reach out. We’d be happy to get your computer cleaned up.

Schedule Twin Cities Computer Repair Services Today

Interested in our computer repair services in the Twin Cities area? Reach out today to receive a free quote and get added to our schedule.

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