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Graphics Card Overheating? Call Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield!

Has your computer recently started shutting down while playing video games, watching movies or doing anything graphically intensive on your computer? Noticing strange pixels or lines across your screen randomly? Has your fan started sounding much louder? Noticing your computer is quite a bit hotter than usual? You may have an overheating graphics card in your device! At Chipheads Computer Repair we offer graphics card repair/replacement in Richfield and the surrounding Twin Cities areas of Minnesota. Experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms of graphics card overheating? Want us to take a look? Schedule your appointment with our computer repair shop nearby today.

Can Graphics Cards Overheat?

Of course, they can! Pretty much any component in a computer can. Graphics cards are typically rated to perform at certain temperatures which are determined by the manufacturer. Prior to purchase or even after you have, we recommend looking at the documentation to determine the specifications for your exact graphics card. Neglecting to address an overheating graphics card can actually impact your entire system, we recommend getting it inspected and addressed as soon as possible if you believe that may be your problem.

Why Would My Graphics Card Overheat?

There are a variety of reasons a graphics card may overheat, which include:

  1. Poor airflow in/out of the computer case raises the temperature of all computer components, including the graphics card.

  2. Heat sink base is warped.

  3. Old thermal paste.

  4. Incorrect thermal paste positioning.

  5. Incorrect GPU settings.

  6. Demanding programs/games.

Schedule Graphics Card Repair/Replacement in Richfield, MN Today

Noticing graphical glitches? Computer shutting down randomly? Worried your graphics card or another component are overheating? Think you may need Richfield graphics card repair/replacement? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule your appointment.


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