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Free vs. Paid Malware Software

Have a new computer and want to make sure it is as protected as possible? Looking at different anti-virus/malware programs but aren’t sure if you should go with a paid program or one that costs money? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing some of the differences between free and paid malware software and which may be best for your needs. Have questions? Need computer help? Think your device may already be infected? For any of your computer repair needs, simply reach out to our computer repair shop nearby.

About Free Malware Software

When it comes to free anti-malware/virus software it typically offers what is known as “basic protection” for your computer. This typically includes protection from common viruses, blocking dangerous files you may download or attempt to install and can in many cases warn about suspicious websites you may be trying to visit. This helps to prevent any problems from occurring on your device.

About Paid Malware Software

In comparison, paid software typically offers much more protection for your device. Along with offering the same protections as the free software options, paid software typically is a bit more “proactive” as opposed to “reactive”, preventing problems from ever occurring as opposed to trying to clean them up after they have occurred. Additionally, most paid software options can actually prevent malware and other viruses from wreaking havoc on the computer in the event your device is infected.

Is Free or Paid Virus Software Best For Me?

In many cases, free software is all someone would need in terms of computer protection. However, if you frequently visit suspicious websites, download files, play games, etc. It may be in your best interest to invest in the best protection possible.

Schedule Malware Removal in Richfield, MN Today

Need help selecting the right software for your computer(s)? Think your computer may already be infected with malware? Looking for Richfield malware removal? We would be happy to help, schedule an appointment with Chipheads Computer Repair today.


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