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Do I Need To Replace The Fan In My Computer?

When it comes to keeping your computer in good shape, the fan(s) are highly important. The fans in your computer can help reduce heat, making it more comfortable to use while also keeping the hardware inside safer over time. Last week we discussed computers causing fires and one of the things mentioned was faulty fans, overheating and improper use. Computers are electronic devices and when not used properly can actually be dangerous. Today, we’re discussing some of the signs you may need to replace the fan in your computer. Got questions? Interested in Richfield computer repair? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today!

Have you noticed your keyboard feeling hotter than usual? When a fan stops working properly or completely, you’ll often notice that the computer, especially the keyboard can be extremely hot to the touch. This is a good sign your device is not ventilating properly and may need attention.

Has your computer started randomly freezing while in use? This is another sign that the computer is not letting out heat properly, leading to the hardware becoming overheated and faulty. Make sure you don’t have any of the vents blocked. If they are unblocked and the problem persists we recommend visiting a computer repair shop near you.

Does your computer smell like burnt plastic or have other odd smells when in use? This can be another sign that the computer/hardware is overheating, often due to fan problems. We’d recommend visiting a computer repair shop in Richfield to determine the exact cause.

Schedule Richfield Computer Fan Repair Today

Wondering how Chipheads Computer Repair can help? We offer a wide range of computer repair services, including laptop and desktop repair. We repair Apple, HP, Dell and more. You can drop your device off to us, mail it in or we can come to you! Schedule your appointment for computer fan repair in Richfield today.


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