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Common Signs of Computer Viruses

Hey there, Chipheads Computer Repair here! Today we wanted to talk about viruses, a very common thing everything with a computer will experience at some point or another. Since we started using computers, people have been creating viruses and other malware. Luckily there are some pretty common signs you can look out for so that you know to get the problem addressed. In many cases, anti-malware/virus software can remedy these issues. Simply make sure you are doing periodic scans and following any directions given. If that does not work, you may need a professional that provides malware/virus removal services.

Computer Virus Common Signs

Wondering what signs to look for that may hint at the fact your device has been infected?

  1. Starting up your computer takes considerably longer than it recently was taking to start up.

  2. Your computer is running much slower than usual lately.

  3. You are having slow speeds with your browser or even the inability to view certain websites completely.

  4. Your computer is freezing/lagging while in use, making it difficult or impossible to properly use.

  5. Using your computer results in crashing or even blue error screens.

  6. You are noticing new programs, apps or icons that you do not remember installing/creating.

  7. You have noticed your security settings have changed.

  8. Programs are randomly closing.

  9. Programs appear to be running without you opening them.

  10. Someone has informed you that they received emails, messages or social media correspondence from you that you did not send.

  11. You are noticing random pop-ups while browsing the internet that do not normally occur. Most browsers do a good job of filtering out these things these days. If you keep noticing them, it is certainly worth investigating.

  12. Your default search engine has changed.

  13. Your homepage(s) have changed without your consent.

  14. Browser is redirecting to random websites you are not trying to visit.

  15. You have toolbars installed on your browser that you did not install.

Schedule Richfield Virus/Malware Removal Today

Noticing any of the above signs? Tried to remedy the infection but can’t get it resolved? Think you may need malware/virus removal in Richfield or the surrounding Twin Cities areas? Simply reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair, we’d be happy to help.


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