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Common Laptop Problems & Possible Solutions

Have you recently started experiencing problems with your laptop? Wondering if you are experiencing a common problem? Looking for a possible solution? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair is discussing some common laptop problems and some solutions to those issues. Have questions? Interested in scheduling laptop repair in Richfield, MN? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to get started. We’ll add you to our schedule and get a quote over to you.


Overheating may be one of the most common problems we see with laptops here at Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield. Typically the overheating can be easily handled by investing in a lap desk to allow more ventilation along with cleaning the hardware inside. In some cases, the computer may need a new fan if is starting to fail or already has.


Viruses and other malware are common problems for any computer, including laptops. Depending upon the exact infection, a wide range of problems can occur, from annoying pop-ups to missing fails or corrupted hard drives. We recommend having a malware/virus program on your computer that is active and scanning any files you may download/open. If something looks shady, don’t open it either.

Quickly Dying Battery

When you charge and use a battery repeatedly, it begins to wear down, staying charged for shorter periods of time or ultimately not charging at all. From the manufacturer, a new battery can be quite pricey. There are usually perfectly good alternatives you can find at a more affordable price. If you need help locating a battery for your laptop, Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help.

Schedule Richfield Laptop Repair Today

Experiencing one of these common problems? Something else we didn’t even mention? Think you need laptop repair in Richfield or the surrounding Twin Cities, MN area? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to assist. You can drop your device off at our laptop repair shop, mail it in, we can come to your location or in some cases address the issue remotely.


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