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Are Chromebooks A Good Investment?

When it comes to investing in a computer, there are quite a few options available. In recent years, Chromebooks, which are computers that run Google’s Chrome OS and use a variety of applications developed by Google such as Chrome, Gmail, Docs, etc. Many people wonder if these devices are worth the investment or if it is better to go for a device running Windows or MacOS. Today, we’ll discuss prices and various features to help you determine if a Chromebook is the right computer for your needs. Have additional questions about purchasing a computer? Think you may need computer repair services in Richfield, Minnesota? We’d be happy to help with any of your questions or computer repair needs, simply reach out today.

Are Chromebooks Expensive?

In comparison to the other options available, most Chromebooks are quite affordable. The cheapest ones that are still quality typically start around $250 with the best ones on the market typically ranging between $500-$600+. Some do reach into the $900-$1000 range but this is somewhat uncommon. If you need help selecting the best Chromebook for your needs, we’d be happy to help.

What Programs Do Chromebooks Use?

When Chromebooks originally came out, they typically only ran Google applications such as Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Chrome, etc. However, in the last few years, Playstore (Android) support has been implemented and these devices can run most applications from the Android Playstore as well.

Do I Need Internet?

With Chromebooks, the majority of the applications require an internet connection to use. Prior to purchasing your Chromebook, we recommend looking at a list of applications that may require constant internet to determine if it will work for your needs.

Schedule Richfield Computer Repair Today

For students and other people that don’t need a computer for much outside of work/internet browsing a Chromebook can be a wonderful investment. For those interested in gaming, video editing and other tasks another device may be more recommended. Contact our Richfield computer repair shop today, we’d be happy to help you pick the right device for your needs.


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