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A Guide to Malware (Part 1)

When it comes to malware, many people are terrified of it, yet many don’t even know what it is. Malware is any type of software designed to intentionally cause damage to a computer, server, client, or even computer network. In an effort to help our customers combat malware, we’ve decided to create a little guide explaining the different types of malware, how you can avoid them and how our Twin Cities virus removal/repair could help you. Think you may need virus removal nearby you? Schedule an appointment with Chipheads Computer Repair today.

About Viruses

When it comes to “malware” it typically all gets referred to as a “virus”, however, this is far from the case. A virus is software that actually modifies other legitimate files in a way that allows them to be executed by using typical files on the system. Today, viruses actually only account for about 10% of all malware, making them quite uncommon.

Due to the fact that viruses infect other files on the system, they are actually quite hard to properly clean up. Even the top-rated antivirus programs simply quarantine the file or delete it, not actually get rid of the virus itself.

Think your computer may be infected by a virus? Schedule virus removal in Twin Cities today.

About Worms

A worm is a type of malware that is actually self-replicating, able to spread itself without the need for user-action. While viruses need the user to execute the infected file, worms can simply self-replicate and spread themselves, destroying systems, computers, networks and any connected infrastructure. If someone on a network opens an email or file containing a worm, in just minutes the entire business network could be impacted.

Schedule worm removal/repair in Twin Cities today to get started.

About Trojans

Trojans are something most people have heard of, derived from what occurred during the Trojan war (it included a horse filled with soldiers, there is a movie if you’d like to see), this malware can masquerade as a legitimate computer program, just waiting to be executed by the user. Trojans can be quite effective due to the fact they trick the computer user into executing them, rendering any antivirus or security software pretty much useless.

Schedule Twin Cities Malware Removal Today

Think your device may be infected? Schedule malware removal in Twin Cities, Minnesota today.


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