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Have you enrolled in college and need a new laptop for your classes? Need another workstation or desktop computer for your business? Not sure what the best computers on the market are? Need help selecting the right computer for you or your family? Looking for a Twin Cities computer store? Look no further! At Chipheads Computer Repair in the Twin Cities, along with our top-notch repair services we are also proud to sell various brands of laptop and desktop computers for any of your needs.

Want assistance picking out your next tablet, laptop or desktop computer? If you visit our location, we can discuss the kind of computer you are interested in, what exactly you need it for along with your budget to determine the best computer for you. We have a wide selection of new and used computers, including Windows and Macs.

 Twin Cities Computer Repair Services

Along with our computers for sale in the Twin Cities, we are also proud to offer services in the event your device has any issues or you simply need help setting things up. A few of these services include: