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The Worst Malware of 2019?

Since we started using computers, malware has been a constant problem, affecting both personal and business users. At Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota we understand how big of an impact malware can have on a device and those that are using it, we are proud to offer malware removal/repair in the Twin Cities area. Today, we’re discussing the worst Malware of 2019 and why it is important to educate and protect yourself against these threats.

2019 Ransomware Attacks

In recent years, ransomware has been extremely successful, in 2019 we continued to see their success. Small/medium business owners are prime targets as they tend to have limited cybersecurity skills and smaller budgets for security.

Emotet, Trickbot and Ryuk were some of the most successful in terms of financial damages in 2019. These strains of malware shifted focus to a reconnaissance-based operation, sending ransom after laterally moving inside the specific network. With one leading to the next, Emotet, Trickbot and Ryuk make up the most frightening ransomware triple threat.

The complexity and believability of email-based malware campaigns in 2019 increased exponentially, becoming more personalized. “Sextortion” emails have also risen in popularity over the last year or so. Company impersonation poses the biggest threat to businesses, as cybercriminals are pretending to be legitimate companies, leading to more emails being opened.

Schedule Malware Repair/Removal in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Area

Think that your computer may be infected with malware? Looking for Twin Cities malware removal/repair? Chipheads Computer Repair would be more than happy to help, simply reach out for a quote and an appointment. We provide onsite services to the entire Twin Cities area and would be happy to come to your rescue.


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