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Printer Won’t Work? – Check These Common Printer Problems

When it comes to having a personal printer, they can be great! When they are working… At Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, MN we frequently receive calls about printers that won’t work and more often than not, the solution is actually quite simple. Today, we’ll be discussing some common printer issues you should check out first if you experience a problem. Experiencing an issue not on the list? Have additional questions? Interested in scheduling computer repair services near you? For any of your needs, simply reach out.

Don’t Use Your Printer Enough

Did you know not using your printer can actually lead to issues? When not used, ink can actually dry up and block the nozzles, leading to a situation where no ink comes out during the printing job. We recommend using your printer every so often (even just to print a test sheet). This can prevent any issues with ink drying and blockages.

No Ink This one is probably one of the most common problems we see, the printer cartridges are simply out of ink. Typically you just need to go buy new cartridges, some models may have refillable cartridges you can use, however, this is far less common these days.

Not Plugged In Not having the printer plugged in happens more than most people would like to admit, but hey, it happens! Always make sure that any plugs your printer may have are properly plugged in and secured. Even a lose cable can sometimes lead to issues with printing.

Not Connected to WiFi Some printers these days work using WiFi and without them being properly connected will not work. Depending upon the type of printer, different programs may be needed to properly connect your device and print. Make sure you follow directions when setting up your printer to avoid these problems.

Why Chipheads Computer Repair?

Chipheads Computer Repair is a family-owned, local, small computer repair business that strives to provide the best service possible. Whether you need small business IT services or printer repair in your home, we would be happy to help with any of your needs. For a quote, just reach out today.

Schedule Twin Cities Printer Repair

Experiencing another problem with your printer but can’t figure it out? Think you may need printer repair in Richfield or the surrounding Twin Cities areas? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help. Schedule your appointment today.


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