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Signs You May Need Twin Cities Virus Removal

Since we started using computers decades ago, viruses and malware have been a common problem. There are hundreds of viruses and malware programs that claim they protect your computer, yet somehow many people still end up with them. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair is discussing the signs that you may be infected and need virus removal in Twin Cities, Minnesota. If you believe your device has been infected, feel free to contact Chipheads Computer Repair, we offer remote, onsite, dropoff and even mail-in services and would be happy to help with any of your virus/malware removal needs.

Unexpected Pop-Up Windows

Has your laptop or desktop computer suddenly started popping up windows you didn’t try to open? Maybe you are navigating to a certain website but instead are being redirected to another address. Unexpected pop-up windows and other odd browser behaviors are typically signs that your computer is infected.

Slow Device Start Up

Has your device stopped starting up in a matter of moments like it used to? Viruses and malware can actually cause your desktop or laptop computer to start up slower due to the impact they have on the system and the changes they can make to certain programs and functions.

Slow Device Performance

Along with starting up slow, malware and viruses also commonly cause the device to run slowly in general. Causing programs, browsers and files to take minutes to even open, sometimes resulting in them just crashing once they have.

Lack of Storage Space

Have you suddenly run out of storage space on your device? Viruses and malware can create problems with storage space for your device. Chipheads Computer Repair would be more than happy to help get your computer and storage back to working order.

Schedule Virus/Malware Removal in Twin Cities, MN Today

Think that your device may be infected? Considering virus/malware repair in Twin Cities, Minnesota? Contact us today to schedule your appointment, we’re always happy to help.


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