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Should I Upgrade To Windows 11?

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday Windows 10 was released? Sorry to burst your bubble as well, but it was actually released in 2015! It sure does not feel like it. Windows 11 has been available for most people for a bit now and we’ve been asked whether or not it is worth upgrading to Windows 11. Today, we’ll be discussing Windows 11, reasons to upgrade and reasons not to upgrade. Got more questions? Need computer repair in Richfield, Minnesota? For any of your needs, simply reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair.

Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 11 When it comes to upgrading to Windows 11, there are quite a few reasons to upgrade, these include: Windows 11 focuses on multi-tasking, with Snap Layouts, Snap Groups along with the ability to remember your layouts for multiple displays. No more wasting time organizing your screen each time you get started. Windows 11 has new features not seen in previous operating systems like 10, these include Android app support, a more MacOS like experience, improved gaming, etc. if you always like having the latest features, it may be time to upgrade. Security is another thing they focused on when it comes to Windows 11, while Windows 10 will continue to receive support, Windows 11 just has more baseline security features. Reasons You Should Not Upgrade To Windows 11 As always with new operating systems, there are some reasons you may want to wait on upgrading, such as: Windows 11 is more hardware intensive, if you have an older system with older hardware, it may not run very well. You may want to wait until you invest in a new device for the Windows 11 experience. Windows 11 is new, meaning that bugs and other issues may be more common than sticking with Windows 10. If minor inconveniences are not your style, it may be best to wait until Windows 11 has been out for a bit longer.

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