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Safe Holiday Online Shopping Tips

With the holiday season upon us, more and more people are shopping online trying to get the perfect gift for their loved ones. Each year during holiday shopping, many people fall victim to identity theft. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair is going to discuss how to safely shop online during the holiday season. Got questions? Think you may need computer repair in the Twin Cities? We would be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.

Prepaid Cards

When it comes to shopping online, prepaid cards can be a wonderful option. With prepaid cards, you can load up different amounts onto the card and use these for your shopping needs. These cards aren’t linked to your bank account, credit history or even name, keeping you safer while shopping online.

In the event someone gets ahold of the card information, they only have access to the money available on the prepaid card, in many cases you may be able to recover the stolen amount as well.

Scam Emails

Scam emails can be common throughout the year, however, many people are tricked by amazing deals during the holiday season. If you receive emails from companies offering specials, be sure to check where the email is coming from and whether or not it looks legit. Many scam emails can lead to malware infections, it is best to just delete them.

Public Wi-Fi

When shopping online it is best to use a private network you have access to, shopping online using public wi-fi can open you up to risk, allowing someone to intercept your information including your name, address and even credit card information. While it seem convenient to shop online at your favorite coffee shop, it would be best to just take care of it when you are at home on a safer network.

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Think you may need computer repair services in the Twin Cities? Have additional questions regarding shopping online? Get in contact with Chipheads Computer Repair today, we would be more than happy to help.


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