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Keeping Your Data Safe With Cloud Storage?

When it comes to using electronic devices such as computers and even smartphones, we tend to have a lot of data stored on these devices. Whether it be pictures, documents, music, customer data, etc. it is important to keep this data safe so you don’t end up losing it. Many people don’t think about what could happen in the event your device is lost, stolen or destroyed. In some cases, a professional computer repair technician may be able to restore the data, however, this isn’t always the case. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing whether you should keep your data backed up/safe with cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive. Have questions? Already lost your data? Interested in scheduling an appointment with our computer repair shop nearby? Reach out today for any of your needs. We’d be happy to help.


DropBox which first hit the scene in 2007 is a cloud storage service that allows people to store important files and data online, reducing the risk of completely losing something important in the event their device has a problem or is lost/stolen/etc. For free users, DropBox allows them to store 2GB of data at no cost, however, plans are available for up to 2TB of data for those that need it.

Microsoft OneDrive

Arriving shortly after DropBox became available, OneDrive is Microsoft’s attempt to provide cloud storage to users. Much like DropBox and Google Drive, OneDrive offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, allowing users to access their important data from any device. With OneDrive, free users receive 5GBo of data, much like the other options, plans for further storage are also available.

Google Drive

A bit later to the party, Google Drive arrived in 2012, offering apps for Windows, macOS, and Android to start, with iOS support arriving a few months later. Google Drive allows users to sync important data across devices and works in tandem with Google Docs, Sheets, etc. For free users, 15GB is available, however, with paid plans, users can gain access to 100GB+ of storage space.

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