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Data Recovery Myths Debunked

When it comes to data recovery in Twin Cities, MN, we hear a lot of stories, myths and outright lies. For as long as we have been using computers, users have been faced with the frustration of data loss. Many customers try “DIY data recovery” methods prior to seeking professional data recovery services in the Twin Cities area. These DIY data recovery strategies often cause further damage to the device and may make the recovery by professionals more difficult or even impossible to perform. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is covering common data recovery myths and debunking them.

You Can Use Software that Easily Repairs File Structures

There are many programs all across the internet that claim they can repair the file structure and recover any of your lost data. While this sounds promising, these programs rely on overwriting the drive in order to repair it. When overwriting data, it can often make it impossible to recover. If you decide to try DIY data recovery software, we recommend looking for one that allows you to backup, save files and revert things.

If you’d prefer to trust in a professional, Chipheads Computer Repair is happy to provide data recovery in Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities communities.

You Can Fix a Hard Drive by Freezing It

We often hear about freezing our devices due to water damage and other issues and while this may seem like a somewhat sensible solution, it unfortunately typically causes more harm than anything. The premise is that freezing the harddrive will shrink any “stuck” parts, allowing the parts to move properly upon warming. While it may shrink parts, it can also damage hard drive platters, cause condensation accumulations, etc. Freezing a device could make data recovery harder or even impossible.

For professional data recovery in St. Paul or the surrounding areas, contact Chipheads Computer Repair today.

You Can Open the Hard Drive to Fix Stuck Components

Many computers are aware that there are components within hard drives that can spin and move. When experiencing data loss, many users will attempt to open the device and tend to the problem themselves. Unfortunately, even dust can cause further issues with your device. At Chipheads Computer Repair, we work on your device in a clean environment, ensuring that additional debris does not enter your drive.

Why Chipheads Computer Repair?

Chipheads Computer Repair is a local, family-owned small computer repair shop located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We offer data recovery, file backup and a whole range of other services. Customers can visit our shop or we can come to their location and/or in some cases work on the problem remotely.

Schedule Data Recovery in Twin Cities, MN Today

Interested in recovering your lost data? Schedule an appointment with Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota today.


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