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Windows 7 End of Life: What Does That Mean For Your Business?

Were you aware that on January 14th, 2020 Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008r2 are coming to an end? What makes this so concerning is that nearly 70% of businesses are still using these products will be unsupported within the next few weeks. So what exactly does Windows 7 End of Life mean? How will this impact your business? Is there something you should be doing?

What Exactly Does “End of Life” Mean?

When referring to Windows 7 End of Life, we don’t mean that Windows 7 will suddenly stop working, however, security, bug fixes, patches and feature updates will no longer be available for devices running the operating system. Protection from security attacks will be essentially null and void, leaving your business (and potentially your customers) at risk.

When Windows XP End of Life occurred, hackers quickly released the “WannaCry” virus which ended up infecting over 300,000 computers across 150 different countries. Being the largest computer virus infection in the history of mankind.

Before hackers release a virus for Windows 7, make sure that your personal and business computers have been upgraded. It is going to be a bigger headache if you need to clean your device and upgrade it.

Chipheads Can Come To You!

Don’t have time to visit our computer repair shop in Richfield? Want someone to come to your location to upgrade your computer to Windows 10? Chipheads Computer Repair offers drop-off, mail-in, remote and onsite computer services. We are always more than happy to come directly to your home or office to handle any computer issues you may be having.

Contact Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield to Upgrade Today

Ready to upgrade your device to Windows 10? Want to make sure your important files and data remain safe? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair in the Twin Cities today, we are always happy to help.


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