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What Is Going On With My Laptop Screen?

Has your laptop screen stopped displaying anything? Can you see a faint image but not enough to properly use the device? Seeing odd lines, pixels or shapes on your screen? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota is discussing various laptop screen (and desktop) issues. Have more questions? Need an appointment? Reach out today to get started.

Laptop Screen Displays Nothing

When it comes to your laptop screen displaying absolutely nothing, it can often mean that the screen itself has completely died or your graphics card inside of the device has. Replacing a graphics card is often easier than replacing an entire laptop screen but our laptop repair shop in Richfield would be happy to discuss either option if you may need it.

Laptop Screen Is Very Dark Has your laptop screen suddenly gotten extremely dim/dark and it is impossible to use properly? In most cases this is actually due to the backlight, not the entire screen which is usually cheaper and easier to fix. Our computer repair shop would be happy to discuss replacing it and the cost.

Laptop Screen Has Lines, Static, Weird Pixels, Etc.

Seeing dead pixels? Weird lines? Other graphical glitches? This is most often due to a graphics card problem, in many cases, the graphics card will need to be replaced or repaired (when possible). The cost of a new graphics card can range but in recent years, they have become quite expensive for anything decent.

Desktop Screen Problems?

Experiencing screen problems but have a desktop computer? Much like a laptop screen, the backlight, screen itself or even graphics card can go bad. With desktop computers, the problem can also be the cable used to connect it at times. We recommend making sure it is properly connected and that you’ve tried another cable prior to replacing the screen entirely.

Schedule Richfield Laptop Screen Repair Today Think you may need laptop screen repair in Richfield or the surrounding Twin Cities, Minnesota areas? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to get started.


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