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Avoiding Malware, Ransomware & Viruses

When it comes to using computers, there can be quite a few risks, especially for those that don’t know how to spot or avoid danger. Dangerous emails often lead to phishing, malware, ransomware and even viruses. This can put you, your business and even your customers at risk. Whether you are at home or in the office, making sure you know how to spot a dangerous email should be very important. Today, Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield is discussing how to identify dangerous emails and what you can do if you think your computer has already been infected.

Sender Information

The first place you should always look when receiving an email is the sender’s information. While spam email is somewhat common, dangerous emails are often designed to trick the receiver, mimicking “normal” email addresses, such as a bank, store or other reputable company. Always check for strange characters, periods, commas or even misspellings.

Harmful Attachments

The next place we recommend looking is for any attachments (but be sure not to open them!). Research has shown that about 85% of dangerous emails contain an attached file (typically (.DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .ZIP, or .7Z). Unless you are expecting a file from someone, we recommend never opening any attachments that you are unaware of.

Suspicious Links

Along with attachments, dangerous emails also often contain links to websites you don’t recognize or were not expecting to visit. Prior to clicking any link, hover over it and look at the preview URL. Incomplete URLS, jumbled letters or even numbers can be a sign of something strange.

Personal Information

Quite a few dangerous emails also request personal information, these “phishing emails” will ask for passwords, account info and even credit card numbers. Often making it seem like there is a sense of urgency. You should never provide personal information to anyone via email.

Schedule Malware & Virus Removal in Richfield, MN Today

Think that your device may be infected with viruses, malware or even ransomware? Not sure how to fix it? Chipheads Computer Repair offers malware and virus removal in the Twin Cities area, schedule your appointment with us today.


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