Chances are, your computer contains a lot of valuable files, whether it be documents for work, schoolwork, pictures, music or even your programs. At Chipheads Computer Repair, we often see customers that have lost everything on their computer due to a failure to properly back it up. In many instances, we can provide data recovery in Richfield to remedy the situation, however, instances do arise where these files are lost forever. Today, we’re discussing the basics of data backup and why it is important for your device. If you have additional questions about file recovery or data backup in the Twin Cities area, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to answer any questions our customers may have. 

External Hard Drives

An external hard drive is pretty much just like the hard drive inside your computer, however, these are contained in a tiny case, allowing them, for the most part, to be portable. Larger desktop external hard drives do exist for those that need them though. An external hard drive can be attached to a computer so that files can be synced between devices, allowing you to pretty much instantly back up any of your important files.

Much like a hard drive in your computer, an external hard drive can also fail, causing a loss of files. At Chipheads Computer Repair, we recommend at least two forms of backup for any highly important data.

USB/Flash Drive/SD

A flash drive, USB or even SD card is another form of external storage, however, these devices are much smaller in size and typically have less space. These storage devices are plugged directly into the laptop/computer and allow the user to sync files between the devices.

Along with external hard drives, these storage devices can also fail. We recommend using at least two forms of backup.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a bit newer in terms of data backup. Cloud storage utilizes space on a server, allowing your files to be stored safely on the internet. With cloud storage, an internet connection is required to transfer the files from your device to the server which they are being saved on.

With cloud storage, the major risk is the provider going out of business. We recommend utilizes a more trusted service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox and also using multiple data backup tactics.

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