Jarret Harrington – General Manager and Head Tech


I’ve been with Chipheads almost 20 years now and have personally worked on over 40,000 computers. I am a problem solver by nature and Chipheads has been the perfect fit. I love the “detective work” involved in getting to the bottom of a problem and the excitement of finding the solution. I am currently working on a lifetime project of “knowing everything” while still keeping my ego in check – the former is surprisingly easier than the latter. If you need anything fixed, and I mean “ANYTHING” I am your guy. I once fixed a car that would not start with a gum wrapper, a paper clip, and a pine cone….. wait maybe that was an episode of MacGyver from my youth. What I love most about my job is the look on someone’s face after you have recovered their family photos that some other “Geek” said could not be done. Chipheads is a great place to work and that filters through to our customers.


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January 2, 2016