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Do You Need Laptop Screen Repair?

Have you started to experience problems with your laptop screen? Not quite sure how to diagnose or address your problem? Think you may need a professional for laptop screen repair in the Twin Cities? Today, Chipheads Computer Repair is discussing common laptop screen problems and whether or not you may need laptop screen repair services. Have questions about your laptop screen? Interested in scheduling an appointment with us? Simply reach out, let us know what you’ve got going on and we’ll get you added to the schedule.

Blurry Picture

Has your screen suddenly become fuzzy or blurry? This can be a common problem, often attributed to BIOS or display drivers. If you are noticing any blurring or fuzziness, we recommend updating your display drivers and BIOS.

Not sure how? We would be happy to help, schedule Twin Cities laptop repair today.


Seeing vertical or horizontal lines across the screen of your laptop? This is another common problem that can be attributed to display drivers or even loose display connections. We recommended updating any display drivers, if this doesn’t help, contact Chipheads Computer Repair to schedule an appointment.

Pixels Defects

Have you noticed dead or malfunctioning pixels on your laptop screen? These can be a common problem associated with the LCD and in some cases could be covered by your warranty. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your device, if they can’t help. Schedule an appointment with our computer repair shop near you.


Are you having a hard time seeing the display of your laptop? The brightness of laptop screens is often turned down in order to save battery, try adjusting your brightness settings. If that doesn’t work, we would be happy to diagnose and address your laptop screen problem.

Schedule Twin Cities Laptop Screen Repair Today

Is your laptop screen brightness a problem? Noticing pixel defects? Horizontal or vertical lines? Picture blurry? Regardless of your laptop screen problem, Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help. Schedule your appointment for laptop screen repair in the Twin Cities today.


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