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Common Computer Mistakes Beginners Make

Although we’ve been using computers in our households since the 1990s heavily, there still seem to be a lot of “beginners” or users that have simply never learned how to properly use a computer. While many tasks on a computer are simple, properly taking care of your computer and keeping yourself safe is highly important. At Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota, we frequently see beginner computer mistakes that could easily be avoided. Today, we’ll be covering common beginner computer mistakes and how to avoid them. If you have additional questions or think you need computer repair in Twin Cities, MN feel free to contact Chipheads Computer Repair, we’re always happy to help.

Not Backing Up Important Files/Data

One of the biggest mistakes any computer user can make is not backing up important files, data and information. There are plenty of options for backing up your data, including external hard drives, memory cards and even cloud services such as Google Drive or Microsoft Cloud. Alternatively, Chipheads Computer Repair can help with your file backup, contact one of our technicians today for file backup and data recovery in Twin Cities, MN. Make sure to backup all important information before it is too late.

Clicking Without Reading

In this day and age, everyone has become quite impatient thanks to the instant gratification we all enjoy every day when using devices. However, because of this impatience it is not uncommon for beginner computer users and even more advanced ones to click “Ok”, “Next” or even “Accept” without reading what they are actually agreeing to. People often also neglect to make sure there are no check boxes still checked. Make sure you read every prompt before agreeing to them. Neglecting to do so could result in installing new browser toolbars, a program you didn’t intend to install, or other malware.

Not Updating Operating System/Software

While those popups telling you to update your operating system, software or even drivers may be annoying, those updates are essential for staying safe and having a properly functioning computer. After a program is released, bugs, loopholes and other security threats are almost always discovered by users. As these issues are discovered, updates are made to prevent them from continuing to happen. Installing the latest updates for a program makes sure everything runs smooth and if security fixes are found fix those problems, so your data is kept secure.

Schedule Computer Repair in Richfield, Minnesota Today

Think that you may be experiencing computer problems due to a common mistake? Interested in Twin Cities computer repair? Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield would be happy to help, we offer remote, onsite or even carry-in computer repair near you.


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