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Can You Get A Virus From YouTube?

When it comes to using computers, phones, the internet, etc. it can be quite a scary experience in some regards. Viruses and other malware are extremely common. Hackers seem to be lurking everywhere. At Chipheads Computer Repair we often get asked about YouTube, how safe it is and whether or not you can become infected by using it. Today, we’ll be discussing whether you can get a virus (or other malware) from YouTube and what you can do to stay safe online. Have more questions? Want to schedule an appointment with our Twin Cities computer repair shop? Just reach out!

Picture of Someone Browsing YouTube

Will Playing YouTube Videos Infect My Computer? When it comes to YouTube, it is actually pretty safe on surface level. The platform is quite secure, the video playback is as well. You should not come across any problems from directly using YouTube as intended. However, due to the ability to add links in comments, descriptions and other places, this can open you up to risk if you do not practice caution.

So How Can I Get Infected On YouTube? As mentioned above, the ability to add links around YouTube is where the risk comes in. People can link to pretty much anything, whether it be a legit website to help or a website filled with malware. Once you leave YouTube, you are open to risks from any link you visit. How Can /My Family Stay Safe On YouTube? We recommend only watching trustworthy creators and never clicking any link unless you know exactly what you are clicking. Do not click random links in comments, and do not visit websites that you have not deemed trustworthy. As always, monitor your children when on any electronic device. Just because it is “YouTube Kids” does not mean it is safe. You should ALWAYS be watching what your child does online.

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Visited a random link on YouTube? Computer acting strange ever since? Worried it may be a virus or other malware? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help. Schedule your appointment for virus/malware removal in Twin Cities, Minnesota today.


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