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We love Geek Squad… in fact many of our best customers try them first!

These are 5 of the many stories we’ve heard from our customers at our Richfield computer repair shop. These people wouldn’t accept what they were told by GS and decided to get a second opinion from Chipheads Computer Repair. We do not claim the following examples are official GS policies, but there is no substitute for experienced, mature tech’s who can actually fix your problems for a reasonable price. Call Chipheads Computer Repair today!


Data Recovery

We have had many customers tell us that GS qouted them a $1500 clean room recovery where we were simply able to plug in and backup or recover the files for $289. All needed simple things any experienced tech would try before quoting a clean room recovery. Actual case: “My hard drive failed and Geek squad said the recovery was going to cost $1500, I was devastated as all my photos of my children were on the drive but I could not afford the cost of recovery.”Chipheads was able to recover all the lost files for $289, That is less than 1/3 of what GS quoted. Imagine what this customer would have done if she had not tried Chipheads! She may have given up and lost her photos for no reason!

Ready to schedule data recovery in Richfield, Minnesota or the surrounding areas? Simply contact Chipheads Computer Repair today, we’ll get you added to our schedule.



Laptop Screen Repair

We have people coming to Chipheads all the time with Laptop screen problems that they asked Geek Squad to fix. We almost always hear the same thing… Laptop screen replacements are deemed “not worth repair” unless covered under warranty because GS only quotes screens from the manufacturer so parts are usually $500 or more.We can usually get screens for half that price or less. Again, this is the type of thing we hear all the time: Actual case: “My laptop was dropped and the screen cracked, Geek Squad said I would have to replace my computer because the parts were more expensive than a replacement system.”Chipheads replaced the screen for this particular customer for $225 which was less than half the cost of a new system. We can’t promise that price for everyone, but for most screens it is usually about that price for parts and labor.

Interested in laptop screen repair in Richfield, Minnesota? We’d be happy to help, simply contact our repair shop, let us know what you’ve got going on and we’ll get you added to our schedule for an appointment.



Dell Replacement Parts

We have been told by many of our customers that GS cannot get Dell parts for any out of warranty system… if a Dell system needs a keyboard the customer is told it can’t be fixed even if the part is $30. We have also heard the same for other brands. Actual case: “My keyboard on my Dell laptop stopped working after I spilled coffee on it, GS said the part was not available through them.”Chipheads found the part and replaced it for less than $99 total parts and labor.

Looking for computer replacement parts in Richfield, Minnesota but aren’t having any luck? We’d be happy to try and locate and install these replacement parts for you, simply reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair today.


GS Extended Warranty Coverage

They do not seem to be aware of extended warranties being offered by manufacturers that could save their customers hundreds of dollars. Not one person that we know of that went to GS before coming to us was told about the extended warranty that HP was offering for almost every laptop made in the last 3 years. Actual case: “My laptop stopped booting up so I brought it to geek squad WHERE I BOUGHT IT, they said it had a bad motherboard and would cost more to repair than just buying a new system.” Lucky for this customer they decided to get a second opinion from Chipheads. We diagnosed the problem as a known defect with the laptop and informed her that HP had issued an extended warranty. We gave her the information to contact HP and she was able to get the laptop repaired for FREE.

Searching for a Richfield computer repair shop that can help you save money on repairs? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today, we’d be happy to help with any of your needs.


Freely Available Software

We clean viruses every single day off of computers where the customer had purchased virus and spyware protection from GS. While it is a fact that no software can offer 100% protection, free or paid for, it is also a fact that free and highly rated software is available for end users to install on their computer from companies like Microsoft, AVG and AVAST. When rated by independent reviews, these free programs do just as good a job at virus protection and removal as the fully priced versions that GS sells their customers without informing the customers there are free alternatives.

Looking for a computer repair shop in Richfield that won’t take advantage of you? Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to help, reach out today to schedule your appointmnet with us, we’re always happy to help.


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