Why Do Minnesota Geek Squad/Best Buy Customers Come to Us?


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 Why Choose Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield?

Has your computer started to experience problems? Laptop screen experiencing glitches? Can’t set up your router properly? Have new hardware or software you’d like setup? Not sure which computer repair shop you should turn to? At Chipheads Computer Repair in Richfield, we go above and beyond for our customers. Here are just a few reasons you should chose us over the competition:

  • You can always speak with a tech, whether before, during or after the job (NO call center drones)
  • MUCH better pricing and turn around times
  • Good selection of quality used parts
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs (NOT 30!)
  • Hourly based onsite (Only pay for the time you need)
  • Check out 5 common Geek Squad mistakes here>>>

Our computer repair shop in Richfield specializes in expert computer repair. Call now and speak to a real tech! To be honest, the Geek Squad website is so confusing and changes so much it is almost impossible to figure out equivalent pricing.  What we do know is: – Our Richfield computer repair packages are designed to include everything needed to solve your problem, not to bait and switch you to more expensive services or sell you a new computer because we can’t figure out how to fix yours – Data backup is always included in Chipheads packages and always extra at Geek Squad (an extra $99.99) – Pricing for stand alone services for simple things like replacing a power supply ($59 at Chipheads) is almost impossible to find – In almost every single case where a customer has come to us from Geek Squad, we have done a better job for less money, or fixed something customers have been told can’t be fixed – Our standard turn around times are almost always less than a week, and we offer express same day services for emergencies.  Try and find out how long repairs take at Best Buy. And if you do call Geek Squad to compare, make sure all the following is included in the price quote they give you:

Side by side service comparison
Chipheads GeekSquad Equivalent*
In Store Fix My Computer Package $189.00 ?
Repair any / all computer problems ?
Backup / Restore ALL Data (entire hard drive) $99.99 no matter what
Updates/Optimize Windows ?
Clean Virus/Spyware/Pop-up ?
Install or Upgrade hardware t ?
Install Software ?
Clean Case/Fan Dust ?
Install set up printer ?
Repair laptop DC jack ?
Can you work with your tech 1 on 1? ?
Work performed locally? ?
Guaranteed you won’t pay more? ?
Service Warranty 90 Days 🙂 ?
Total: You pay at most: $189.00 Estimate based on website * ????

Repair parts sold separately, taxes not included. Price compared for carry in service on a standard desktop or laptop computer with Windows. Chipheads, Geek Squad, Best Buy are registered trademarks. Price comparisons are taken from published price lists and are not  actual quotes for repair services.

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Interested in affordably priced computer repair services? Wish there was a Richfield computer repair shop that offered free quotes? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today, we offer various computer repair services nearby you and would be happy to assist with any of your needs.