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Has your Gateway laptop or desktop started to experience issues? Purchased new hardware you need installed into your Gateway device? Think your desktop or laptop may be infected with Malware? Chipheads Computer Repair is proud to offer gateway computer repair services in the Twin Cities area. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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Think your Gateway laptop may be infected with malware/viruses? Need help installing new software? Can’t get your printer, scanner, camera or other device connected? Think your Gateway computer needs to be optimized? For one flat computer repair fee, Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to fix any and all issues you are experiencing with your Gateway laptop or desktop computer. Whether you are experiencing one or thirteen issues, we are always happy to help with any computer issues you may have. Want to know best part of our flat rate computer repair deal? Data Protection Backups are included with our Alienware computer repair services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota areas. We are the only computer repair shop nearby that offers a comprehensive, flat rate Gateway computer repair service.

At Chipheads Computer Repair in Twin Cities, Minnesota we strongly believe the knowledge and experience counts! We do many Gateway repairs that other repair shops refuse to perform.  Call our Twin Cities computer repair shop today to receive a free Gateway computer repair quote. The Fix My Gateway Computer package is $189 dollars plus parts and sales tax, and includes all of the above and more.

Gateway Repair Includes:

  • Test, diagnose and fix any and all all software and hardware problems with your Gateway device
  • Repair or replace any bad parts (parts sold separately)
  • Install Virus / Spyware Scanners
  • Upgrade Hardware (Ram, Hard Drive, Video, etc.)
  • Clean case of dust and dirt
  • Install most current Operating System
  • Install printers / scanners / cameras etc.
  • Install any software programs
  • Comprehensive hard drive integrity and ram tests
  • Clean any and all virus, spyware and malware
  • Complete tune up and optimization
  • Replace / Repair DC jack or LCD screen on portable computers
  • Full migration to a new system should old system be un-repairable
  • 90 day warranty


  • Available for Windows or Apple NON SERVER computers only – for servers or other operating systems  please choose our Hourly rate
  • Available for single or multiple hard drive computers that are NOT configured for Raid.  For raided systems  please choose our Hourly rate
  • Computers with more than two profiles or more than two email accounts may be charged extra depending on the degree of difficulty.

* 90 day warranty. Parts sold separately. Sales tax not included. Standard turn around times apply and emergency express service is available.

Schedule Gateway Repair in the Twin Cities, MN Area

Experiencing issues or glitches with your Gateway device? Not exactly sure how to get your laptop or desktop back in working order? Think you may need a Twin Cities computer repair shop to help you out? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to get started. We’d be happy to let you know if we can help and how much it should cost.

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