Fridley, Minnesota Data Recovery

Has your hard drive been corrupted? Worried your data is lost forever? External hard drive no longer registering when plugged in? USB or flash card not working? Accidentally deleted something important? Not to worry! At Chipheads Computer Repair we offer file backup and data recovery services in Fridley, Minnesota and would be happy to help! We understand how devastating losing files can be and can in most cases recover them for you. Whether you need help recovering data or simply want to back it up, just give our computer repair shop near you a call. We’d be happy to provide a quote and add you to our schedule.

About Data Recovery Services Near You

As computers become more advanced, they can contain more and more of our important files and data. Unfortunately, losing such data is still quite common. We understand how important it can be to protect your data and even recover it in the event it is lost. We offer a variety of data backup services, including:

Hard Disk Data Recovery Fridley

Stage 1 data recovery is great to recover files that were accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost. Also good for hard drives or other media with minor mechanical or printed circuit board malfunctions.

$29 To Try, $289 If Successful

RAID recovery Priced Per Drive.

iPhone and iPod File and Data Recovery Fridley

$29 To Try, $189 If Successful

Fridley Flash Card Media Recovery

Camera card, memory card, other removable flash media, camera card, or phone SD card.

FREE To Try, $99 If successful

Fridley USB Stick Recovery

USB Stick Resoldering Fridley

$29 To Try, $99 If Successful

Why Professional Data Recovery?

For most computer users, once a file disappears it is lost forever, this, however, isn’t quite the case. When you trust a professional, we have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to recover these files in most cases.

Along with recovering data, we can also help you protect it with data backups. Interested in learning more? Just give us a call and ask about options.

Schedule Data Recovery in Fridley, Minnesota Today

In need of file backup or data recovery services in Fridley, MN? Contact our computer repair shop near you today to get started, Chipheads Computer Repair would be happy to provide a quote and add you to our schedule.

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